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About ONXY Stone

This stone is different than known marble. One cannot understand the difference easily looking outside. But while ONXY is a translucent material and permits a certain amount of light to pass, the marble does not allow at all. Moreover, while the marble is obtained from layers that are close to the earth surface, ONXY is found in much deeper layers of the earth and gains value according to its color.

ONXY stone, a kind of chalcedony, is formed by the combination of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, copper, iron oxide and fluorine minerals as a result of boiling of the underground hot water.

One of the most important secrets of jewelry designers is to discover that the stones on dark background give much more light and that this contrast shows the stones much larger. Preparing this illusion, the number one material to form a dark background is ONYX.

Onyx is a stone that is also popular in ancient Greece and Rome. Its name is associated with Roman mythology. Güzellik tanrıçası; doğada beyaz ve kahverengi olarak da bulunabilen onyx silikon dioksit bileşiğinden oluşur. This Stone has a hardness value of 7.0 in Mohs Scale of Hardness.

Our guests who come to Kırşehir choose Onxy Stone peculiar to our city as a gift in order to keep this charming atmosphere in their memories and tell it to their friends

Features and Benefits of ONYX Stone

- gives you the joy of life
- gives strength
- gives energy
- plays a role in stabilizing
- improves your concentration
- helps you to get rid of your addictions
- acts as an element of control and stability
- protects you from evil eyes